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The Grant Mental Health Hospital

The Edward S. Grant Health Hospital known as Mental Hospital was erected in 1994. On May 10, 1990, it was formally opened dedicated and subsequently operated as a private entity by the Grant family of Liberia. The Catherine Mills Rehabilitation Hospital which was the only government owned multipurpose mental health hospital in Liberia.

Brief history of Catherine Mills

The Catherine Mills Rehabilitation Center was established in the early 60s by a group of concerned Liberian women headed by the late Antoinette Tubman, then first lady of Liberia. It was named Catherine Mills after the mother of one of the concerned women, Mrs. Ellen Mills Scarborough, who donated 90 acres of land for the construction of the facility. Thirty acres of land was initially fenced in and a number of structures were erected.

The concerned women ran the facility for a few years, generating funding from various sources and recruiting from abroad. On average, there were two psychiatrists working at the center at any one time. The facility was later turned over to the Liberian Government under the authority and supervision of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center. It ceased operation during the early month of the war.

Effect of war on Catherine Mills

When the war subsided, the incidence rate of mental illness began to rise and identifying a National Mental Health Hospital became a primary concern. On November 1, 2001, the Grant family turned the Hospital over to the Liberian Government after signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Dr. Peter S. Coleman who represented the Government of Liberia as Minister of Health.

In July 2003, the Government of Liberia formerly took over the hospital renamed it JFK/E.S Grant Mental Health Hospital. In February 2004, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed again between the three parties and Cap Amanur (German Emergency Doctors), a German based NGO managed it for a number of years.

In June 2010, following the departure of Cap Amanur the hospital was again turned over to the Government of Liberia represented by the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center and its present administration headed by Dr. Wvannie Scott McDonald.

The Edward S. Grant Mental Health Hospital is located on Duport Road in Paynesville, is a part of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center. In addition to inpatient and outpatient services, it also serves as a mental health teaching facility for health workers and medical students. This Hospital has the capacity of about 40 patients but caters to about 70 patients on average.


The Grant Mental hospital is the only referral mental health hospital in Liberia. It provides psychiatric services to inpatients and outpatients under the following three (3) core conditions :( 1) Mental Disorders, (2) Substance Use Disorders and (3) Epilepsy. Psychotropic medications, recreational activities and psycho-education are also provided. Individual, family, and group counseling are also offered to inpatients and outpatients on a daily basis.

The hospital has occupancy of 80beds with Forty-four (44) well trained and experienced staff of different disciplines including Psychiatry, Physician Assistant, Nursing, Social work, Therapy, Dietary, Security, and Electricity etc.


  1. The Grant Mental Health Hospital has succeeded and continued to provide Psychiatric services to clients in and around Liberia and West Africa.
  2. About 20% of the hospital Nurses and Physician Assistants have had the opportunity to acquire formal training in mental health Clinical through the Carter Center-Liberia training program and the Peter C. Alderman Foundation in Uganda.
  3. The Hospital has succeeded in providing psychiatric clinical training for all medical and paramedical students in and around the Republic of Liberia.