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Department of Respiratory

Prior to, and after the Civil Crisis in Liberia, many patients and victims of Respiratory Track Disease died, because not much attention was given to that aspect of Internal Medicine in the nation. The knowledge of Respiratory Care was lacking in the health sector of our country. On February 12, 2007, Mr. Joseph W. Moore, a Respiratory Therapist of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center along with the current management team established a Respiratory Care Department in the hospital to help reduce the death rate of people suffering from Respiratory Tract Disease and manage patients who may be suffocated, choked or under asthmatic attack.

Duties and Functions of the Respiratory Department

  • Duties and Functions of the Respiratory Department
  • Assess patient(s) for emergency signs of airway or breathing.
  • Give first line emergency treatment for airway obstruction.
  • Measure oxygen saturation with a pulse ox meter.
  • Give oxygen and adjust flow of O2.
  • Treat wheezing and emphysema
  • Give Aerosol treatment to patients.
  • Give care and treatment to patients who suffered from chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
  • Nebulize patients with wheezes.
  • Suction patients
  • Intubate patients
  • Provide ventilations for patients in severe respiratory distress.
  • Treat patients with asthma and chronic pulmonary disease
  • Bag and resuscitate patients