Memorial Hospital /
A Patient


Of the three Hospitals of the Center, the Memorial Hospital is the flag ship and by far the largest, having a five hundred bed capacity.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital functions to provide the population complete health care, both curative and preventive. The Hospital is also a center for the training of health workers and research. The Memorial is comprised of seven (7) wards/Units and Nine (9) clinical departments.

During the prolonged Civil crisis that engulfed the Country, the JFK Memorial Hospital was virtually reduced to shambles. Upon the end of the civil crisis, the Government of Liberia, along with various Bilateral Partners has tried tirelessly to revamp this iconic Hospital.

These efforts took a significant turn for the better when the President, Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed, in 2006, Dr. Wvannie Scott-McDonald as CEO of the Medical Center. Under Dr. McDonald’s direction, there has been an endless wave of improvements to and throughout the Center. In 2008, through the instrumentality of President Sirleaf, Dr. Scott McDonald oversaw the renovation and equipping of the West-wing of the Hospital through, funding from Mrs. Anne Gloage.  This project refurbished the 2nd & 3rd floor inpatient wards and the 4th floor surgical suite. 

After the 2008 renovation, the JFKMH was equipped with two hundred and fifty (250) beds, drastically increasing its capacity to cater to the healthcare needs of hundred thousands of Liberians on a yearly basis.

The Ground floor of the hospital houses the Emergency/Critical care units, Emergency Medicine, Trauma unit, Pediatric (under-five) unit, Laboratory, Infectious Disease Clinic, Outpatient Department, Radiology, Central & ER Pharmacy, Medical Records, Dietary, Laundry, Housekeeping, Security and etc.

The West-wing of the second floor is where general surgery and orthopedic cases are handled. The 3rd floor, East-wing houses the Pediatrics, while the 3rd Floor, West-wing is the Internal Medicine ward. The 4th floor, West-wing houses the Operating Room and Central Sterile Room (CSR).



  • Internal Medicine (Communicable Diseases)
  • Orthopedics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Acupuncture
  • ENT


In order to fulfill its mission of providing Quality Care, The Memorial Hospital renders the following in-patient and out-patient services to the people of Liberia:

  • 24 hour emergency services
  • 5 days a week outpatient services
  • 3 meals a day for inpatients (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • 24 hour Laboratory services
  • 24 hour surgical services
  • 24 hour X-ray services
  • 24 hour Clinical services
  • Regular ultra-sound services (Monday – Friday) 8am – 4pm
  • EKG services (Monday – Friday)8am- 4pm
  • 24hour Pharmacy services


The Memorial Hospital is staffed with both internationally and locally trained professional Doctors, Nurses, Nurses’ Aides, Nurse Anesthetics, ORTs, Physician Assistants, and other support staff. A team of Nursing supervisors, clinical & section heads work in collaboration with the Memorial Hospital Administrator (Mrs. Mary Nyaquie) to run the affairs of the hospital.

As it has demonstrated since its establishment, the JFKMH is in the vanguard of Health care delivery in Liberia. As the Nation’s Premiere Hospital, we are prepared and equipped to provide 24 hour Health Care Services to the people of Liberia.