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John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center                                      
The Liberia Eye Center                                                                                                                                                                                        

In Collaboration with world Famous
LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India

Opening Hours:
8:30 am -- 5:00 pm
Monday -- Friday
Weekends, by Appointment

Tel: +231881791550


  • Refractive error correction & best quality spectacles at an affordable cost
  • Cataract surgery with latest phacoemulsification technology with superior quality Intraocular lens
  • Glaucoma assessment & surgery with exclusive follow-up
  • Diabetic eye conditions evaluation and treatment
  • Treatment for eye infections and much more

Tips for a Healthy EYE

  • Blindness due to cataract is avoidable. Get it operated to get back your vision since there is no other remedy
  • Have you crossed 40 years of age and can't read newspaper or needle the thread? You are presbyopic... it is time for you to wear near vision glasses!
  • Vision loss due to Glaucoma cannot be restored. Peripheral vision loss is its advanced symptom. Check eye pressure periodically to avoid this
  • Diabetes can damage your eyes. Consult an eye specialist immediately
  • dust/foreign-body is likely to hurt eyes by chance... Rubbing may scratch or penetrate into the eyes and worsen the condition. Splashing water or taking help from elders for its removal may be helpful
  • Redness in the eyes with watering/itching/discharge may be due to an allergy or infection. It is better to see an eye doctor than result to self-medication, because you may not know whether this is due to bacteria or virus
  • take care of your children when they play with firecrackers, sharp-edged objects or acidic liquids. Injury to the eye due to these may cause blindness. Emergency care is essential for sight restoration.
  • Children and pregnant and lactating mothers are to consume Vitamin A rich diet to avoid visual impairment. Vitamin A is available in yellow and dark green leafy vegetables and fruits, milk and dairy products, fish, liver, and egg. Immunizing children according to the schedule will prevent them from many dangerous conditions.